Global Climate Change - The Astronomical Connection

Another person who has worked extensively to develop the science surrounding cloud cover and its effect on climate is Swedish scientist Henrik Svensmark.  He has developed extensive data, but most significantly has proposed a direct link between the position of our sun and planets in the Milky Way galaxy and our climate.  He has gone on to suggest that these climate changes are linked to cosmic ray levels, directly caused by the density of galactic material in our immediate vicinity at any given time.  These charts might help to explain.
This first chart shows the proven relationship between cosmic rays and low level cloud cover.  The data are only available for the period 1982 to 2006, and I am always nervous about quoting short term data, because one of my main objections to those who believe the current global warming is a cause for alarm is that they are taking a very short term view, when really the longer term data show that this is all part of a number of longer term cycles. 

However, this is compelling data and a link is clearly visible over the measurement period.


In this graphic Svensmark shows us that periods of terrestrial glaciation can be matched to the position which the solar system occupied in the Milky Way galaxy, and hence by inference to the cosmic ray intensity due to the greater proximity of galactic material.

This is fascinating stuff, and might well go some way towards resolving why the Earth plunges periodically into Ice Ages.  If this is the cause, then we can do nothing at all about it, except plan for how to survive on a planet too cold to grow the food needed to feed the billions of people who live here.  The huge timescales involved however make it unlikely our generation, or our children's generation will be faced with this huge problem. 

Hopefully we are not getting too technical here, but what I wanted to show you was that there is a significant amount of evidence to show that everything that happens on our world, and all of the climate changes we are seeing, are directly related to astronomical factors, be they cycles of varying solar activity, or cycles caused by the position of our planet in the larger framework of the Milky Way galaxy.

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