This section started out because several users of the site told me that they have shown it to their children, who have then sent it on to their school teachers.  We were also taking a lot of questions from people at star parties, and felt we needed a central place where we could tell them to go and find an answer to their question.  We therefore decided to add a few pages which answer some of the more commonly asked questions, and which also give some useful information about our world, the solar system, the Universe and our place in it.  These pages are also useful for teachers who need to communicate the basics of astronomy to their students.

If you are a teacher, you can be reassured that all the information has been carefully researched, and in some cases is based on a standard college text book which is used to teach astronomy.  Feel free to validate and/or use any of this information.  If you are not a teacher, but are a budding astronomer who didn't like to ask too many basic questions in the presence of your peers and colleagues - well some years ago that was us, and we hope this information helps you to improve your basic understanding of the subject.  We would be interested to hear from anyone who is helped in any way by these pages, and are also open to suggestions and requests to add other material.  Send us an e-mail.



How Do Telescopes Work? Global Climate Change
Where Do We Come From? How Does Relativity Affect Us?
A Tour of the Solar System
How do we Measure Distances in Space?
The Life (and Death) of a Star
What's a Black Hole
Spacecraft Information - where are the Wanderers?
What is The Age of the Universe
How Do Astronomers Measure Magnitude?
How Do Celestial Coordinates Work
How Do I Know Which is the North Pole of a Planet?
Will There Really Ever Be a Deep Impact?


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